Buzzi archives

The archives were given to the Library by Carlo Buzzi's heirs in 2005. Expenses for its description have been covered by Cariparma with the mediation of the "Card. A. Casaroli" Study Centre, represented by the President Corrado Truffelli.
The Buzzi papers witness the main events of both national and local political history between 1945 and 2004.
The Archives contain Buzzi's correspondence with the most important representatives of national and local politics; collections of newspapers and periodicals, statistical data concerning local and national polls, electoral propaganda materials, proposal texts, bills and photographs.

Carlo Buzzi started his political activity in 1946, when he was elected city councilman in Parma, thus living up to the ideal of his religious and political ideals.
He was provincial and national President of the Associazione Italiana Maestri Cattolici (Italian Catholic Teachers Association); provincial Secretary of the Sindacato Nazionale della scuola Elementare (National Elementary School Trade Union) and member of its  central executive Committee; member of the C.I.S.L. general Council of Parma. He was National President of the Ente Nazionale di Assistanza Magistrale  as well as founder and president of the Federazione Italiana Scuole Materne (Italian Nursery Schools Federation) of Parma.
He conducted an intense activity in the educational and social sector and was engaged  in the assistance of minors as provincial Commissioner of the Ente Nazionale per la Protezione Morale del Fanciullo (National Corporation of the Moral Protection of the Child).
He was also very active in the Christian Democracy Party, first as a city councilman in Parma, member of the provincial and regional Committee in Emilia-Romagna and then as a Senator of the Parma electoral College.