Service charter



The service charter defines values and rules between the administrations that supply the services and the citizens who benefit from them.

It is a “pact” with the users, a communication and information instrument that allows them to know the offered service, the modalities and the promised standards, to verify that the assumed commitments are respected, to express their own judgments and complain.

The adoption of the service charter in the Cultural heritage and activities Ministry offices is part of the many efforts to promote a wider appreciation of the preserved cultural heritage and to adapt, considering the preservation and research needs, the organization of the activity to the users expectations.

The chart will be periodically upgraded to reinforce the reached quality levels and register the positive changes happened after renovations projects, also considering the opinion of the users.


During the execution of its institutional activity, the Palatine Library – Music Section gets inspired by the “fundamental principles” included in the Prime Minister’s Directive of January 27th 1994:

* Equality and impartiality
The services are supplied following the equality principle, giving the same treatment to every citizen, without any distinction of nationality, sex, language, religion, political opinion. This Library will try its best to remove the possible inefficiencies and will promote initiatives to ease the access to the disabled and to the socially and culturally disadvantaged people. The information, communication, documentation, researching help, educational and didactic instruments and activities are marked by objectivity, justice and impartiality standards.

* Continuity
The Library guarantees continuity and regularity in the service supply. In case of difficulties and obstacles, it does its best to pre-emptively warn the users and adopt every necessary provisions to reduce the inconveniences at the least.

* Participation
The institute promotes the information about the occurred activities, and considers the needs and the suggestions of the users.

* Efficiency and efficacy
The director and the staff of the Library try their best to improve the efficiency and the efficacy of the service, adopting the most functional technologic, organizational and procedural solutions for this reason.


The Music Section of the Palatine Library is the only bibliographic institute in Italy that has had the legal framework of a public library since it has been established by Royal Decree no. 6431 in July 14th, by collecting the volumes of the Royal Music School music archive and the music collections stored in the Palatine Library. Since its first establishment, it is located in the Conservatory “Arrigo Boito” and the access is the same as the Conservatory itself.

Its heritage, that preserves more than 168.000 items and includes handwritten and printed music, libretto’s, periodics and books of music literature, documents in a specific way the musical activity of the XVIII and XIX centuries. Together with the historic collections, the Library keeps on developing its heritage with modern edition of music and music literature. It has the main Italian and foreign musical periodics, both ceased and ongoing.

In the consultation room are also available bibliographic instruments specialized in the music research, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, Opera Omnia, Monumenta and databases on CD-ROM.

The Library since 1996 is part of the Parma Librarian System and catalogues the modern works of music literature, the periodics and the printed music. Most of the material is only available on the paper catalogue anyway. In the OPAC of the National Librarian Service are available the handwritten collections except of the “Maria Luigia” one.


  • Reading service in the library

The requested works can be consulted in the Reading room and in the Consultation room where are also available, in open-shelf, encyclopaedias and dictionaries, bibliographic catalogues and research instruments.

  • Local, interlibrary and international loan service

It is allowed the home loan for one month. It is also allowed the daily loan of the music, excepted the rare and precious one, in the Conservatory rooms and only for the teachers the loan is extended for 15 days. The interlibrary and international loan is done in the library.

  • Support and bibliographic informations service

The readers are helped to ease their access to the book and documents collections, to check the documents owned by other libraries online and use the research instruments, that can also be requested by mail, fax or e-mail.

  • Computer services

In the Reading room there are two computers that allow the access to the online catalogue, the computer databases and to the web, limited to the study and research sites.

  • Reproduction and documents supply service

The documents reproduction, respecting the copyright laws, can be done in the library by the users with their own means or it can be committed to an external company.



Regularity and continuity


Monday 08.30 - 13.45; 14.30 - 17.00

Tuesday 08.30 - 13.30

Wednesday 08.30 - 13.45; 14.30 - 17.00

Thursday 08.30 - 13.30

Friday 08.30 - 13.30

The Library is open to the public from January 2nd to December 31st, except on Saturday, the day of the patron saint (St. Ilario, January 13th) and the closing days of the Conservatory (that are promptly signaled on the website). On July and August the library is not open in the afternoon.

In September, approximately during the second and third week, the Library will be close for 15 days for the review activities; from 11 to 13 are guaranteed the bibliographic informations and loan services.

To do the bibliographic researches in the Consultation room that need for a help or to ask for more than two volumes (manuscripts or rare music editions) it is necessary to ask for an appointment, indicating the needed works.

Waiting time for the cards release and/or authorizations: not more than 20 minutes


Informations and orientation:

■ Information point – ask for the distribution staff

■ Online informations about the services

The relevant informations (regulations, calendar, services, timetable, addresses etc.) are on the site of the Library:

■ Orientation signs

Assisted access for the disabled



Consultation room: 6 places; 3 sockets for laptops

Reading room: 10 places; 9 sockets for laptops

The laptops can’t be connected to the Library LAN.

Availability of the material:

■ Open-shelf available documents – more than 5.000 volumes (encyclopaedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, catalogues, Opera Omnia, monumenta)

■ Documents available for each request

Modern documents: Limitless

Ancient and rare documents: Two documents, if there is no booking via telephone or email or if the status of preservation of the material isn’t adequate

Newspapers: Limitless

Other kinds of documents

1 document each time

■ Waiting time for the delivery

Modern documents: not more than 15 minutes

Ancient and rare documents: not more than 5 minutes

Newspapers: not more than 15 minutes

■ Duration of the storage

Modern documents: 7 days

Ancient and rare documents: 7 days

■ Remote booking

By telephone, mail, fax or e-mail

Effectiveness of the mediation

■ Assistance of qualified staff: in the Consultation room there's usually an assistant

■ Research intruments and supports

Library catalogues:
- Historic catalogue by author/title
- Staderini catalogue by author/title
- Modern works catalogue by author/title and systematic (music)
- Modern works catalogue by author/title and subjects (music literature)
- Periodics catalogue
- Handwritten and printed works catalogue

Online catalogues:
- OPAC SBN/Index
- Historic catalogues (

Catalogues of other libraries:
Printed catalogues of music materials belonging to national and foreign libraries, available in the Consultation room.

Bibliographic catalogues in the Consultation room

Specialized bibliographies in the Consultation room

Specialized online free-access bibliographies  (like

Local loan

Time of the service: until 15 minutes before the Library closes. According to the L. 685/94, it's forbidden the loan of the music. On the strenght of an agreement between the Library and the Conservatory, it's possible for the students to read the music in class for one day, while the teachers can use the volumes in class for 15 days.

Waiting time for the loan: not more than 15 minutes

Availability of the material:

■ for each request it's possible to ask for 2 works (maximum 6 volumes)

■ duration of the loan: 30 days

■ Remote bookings

Instruments availability

Microfilms - by means of an external lab

Digital copies - by means of an external lab or by the users' own means (only digital photographs, with non-invasive methods)

Photographies - by means of an external lab or by the users' own means (only digital photographs, with non-invasive methods)

Other kinds of reproductions - by means of an external lab

Remote bookings - sending the request by mail, fax or e-mail.

Fidelity: 100% of the reproductions are congruent with the original, except a different request from the user.

Remote bibliographic informations - by mail, e-mail and fax, but only about the documents belonging to the library, joining the service "Ask the librarian".

Online research - OPAC of the Parma Librarian System:

Effectiveness of the mediation:

Indication of the representatives - from the Library's webpage

Answers in not more than 5 days.



The users can complain about the lacking respect of the principles included in the Service charter by filling in the attached form and giving it by hand, mail or e-mail (

The complaints that don't include any personal data will not be taken in consideration.

In case of delivery by hand, the responsible official will sign the form and give the complainer a copy of the signed form.

The Palatine Library - Music Section periodically controls the complaints; it usually answers within 30 days.

The users can only give advices and make proposals to improve the organization and the services supply.


The Service charter will be broadcasted at the entrance of the Library, on the website and through other information channels.


The Chart is updated every 2 years.


Biblioteca (library)……….

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Tel. ….………. Fax …………




COGNOME (SURNAME)____________________________________________________

NOME (NAME)________________________________________________________

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RESIDENTE A (LIVING IN) ___________________________ PROV. (DISTRICT) _________________

VIA (STREET) ________________________________________________

CAP ________________________

TELEFONO (TELEPHONE)________________________

FAX ________________________





















Si informa, ai sensi dell’art. 13 del D.Lgs. 30/06/2003 n° 196, che i dati personali verranno trattati e utilizzati esclusivamente al fine di dare risposta al presente reclamo e per fornire informazioni relative a eventi culturali organizzati da questo Istituto.
(According th the art. 13 D.Lgs. 30/06/2003 no. 196, the personal data will be exclusively treated and used to answer the present complaint and give informations about the cultural events organized by this Institute).

DATA (DATE)________________________ FIRMA (SIGNATURE)______________________________

Al presente reclamo verrà data risposta entro 30 giorni
(The answer will be given within 30 days)