Modern collections

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The Tarchioni library

In 1928 Prudenza Tarchioni bequeathed her brother Mansueto's book collection to the Library. Mansueto Tarchioni (1843-1913) had been an integralist Catholic, a scholar of Catholicism and had written poetry as well as essays on philosophy, history and literary criticism.

The library consists of  11500 works (around 18000 volumes) and about 1000 booklets. The main subjects are: classical and modern languages and literature, philosophy and history and religion. 

The Tarchioni library was damaged during the air raid which took place in May 1944.


The Ferrarini library

When the musicologist and scholar of drama Mario Ferrarini (1874-1950) bequeathed his books to the Library, the director of the Palatina Giovanni Masi stated that from thereon the Library, like no other library, would be able to satisfy the research needs  of all those who studied drama in the 19th and 20th centuries. The theatrical Ferrarini library consists of 3650 volumes and booklets.


Fondo di cantari moderni

This collection consists of a series of loose sheets printed with stories in verse: subjects are usually full of drama and passion; woodcuts are often used for illustration and commentary; most of the sheets were printed by the Tipografia Pennaroli at Fiorenzuola d'Arda between 1855 and 1915. The collection was organized by Alfredo Zerbini (1895-1955), a member of Library’s staff  who was also a poet and wrote in the dialect of Parma.  This collection is an important witness of  popular culture in Italy between the 19th and the 20th centuries.