Reading and consultation


It is destined to the users who intend to consult monographic and periodic works published after the XVII century, excluded the most precious works that appertain to the adjacent manuscripts and rare books consultation room. The room, that contains about 90 readers, hosts an exposition of periodically updated magazines; the users have at their disposal some consultation works, like encyclopaedias and foreign-language dictionaries. When the room gets very crowded, the access can be forbidden to the users with only their own books.


It is a room assigned to the consultation of the main reference catalogues of various subjects, with a particular attention for the bibliographic and biographic instruments, both italian and international, ordered according to the Dewey Decimal Classification, with an open-shelf system. The room, equipped wth tables for the use of laptops, hosts about 20 readers and it is in part reserved to the consultation and the study of manuscripts, rare books and valuable printed books as well as graphic material. The distribution of these materials is operating from 8.15 to 13.45; after that time, it will be possible to read the works in the storage and the ones that have been booked the previous afternoon (it is also possible the telephone booking). The requests must be presented to the room assistant and picked up, by the same assistant, one by one - save extraordinary cases. in the time frame of one day each user can ask for a maximum of ten works.
It is possible to keep in the storage - not more than 15 days - two manuscripts or two rare works. The extraordinry cases will be considered from time to time, according to the service needs. It is forbidden the use of ballpoint pens, fountain pens, markers etc.; pencils can be used.
Whoever damages in any way the works or doesn't handle them with the proper caution, following the recommendations of the room assistants, might be excluded from the Library. In the room, besides various catalogues, are available for the users, directly or with the help of the librarian, various informative resources, local and remote, online and on cd-rom; there is a microfilm and microfishes reader with the possibility to print. The staff in the room gives informations about the available bibliographic devices and the use of the catalogues and helps the users with their researches.