Archives and letter collections

The Library has collected a number of archives of important people in Parma during the 19th and 20th centuries:

Archives of Andrea Borri (1935-2003): notary, Member of Parliament between  1976 and 1994, President of the Province of Parma between 1999 and 2003;

Archives of Carlo Buzzi (1922-2004): Member of Parliament between 1952 and 1983, member of the Government, President of the Association of Italian Catholic Teachers;

Archives of Baldassarre Molossi (1927-2003): containing his correspondence dating back to the years when he was director of the historical local newspaper La Gazzetta di Parma.


Micheli – Mariotti archives and Library

The collection is the result of the fusion of the items belonging to Giuseppe Micheli (1874-1948) and his uncle Giovanni Mariotti (1850-1935), both Members of Parliament, the former also   Minister of the Italian Government and the latter Mayor of Parma.

The library consists of about 6000 volumes (some of these are precious items printed in the 16th and 17th centuries) and 15000 booklets. They are accessible through a traditional card catalogue.

The Archives which reconstruct the history of Parma and its province since the Middle Ages are organized around  three main nuclei:

  • historical archives: historical and legal documents collected by Micheli during his activity as a scholar (viz. notes, letters, notary, trial documents and charters concerning the Parma states)
  • political and family archives (viz. documents belonging to the Micheli and Mariotti families, especially concerning Giuseppe Micheli's activity in the Popular Catholics party)
  • Ministry archives belonging to Giuseppe Micheli (viz. his papers and letters as Minister of Agriculture and Public Works)

 Data concerning the latter two archives can be found in the Library's OPAC.

The Collection also comprises 120 literary manuscripts dating back to the 16th-18th centuries.


Letter collections

The Epistolario Parmense is still open to new acquisitions. It collects letters of famous or less famous personalities of Parma from the 16th to the 20th centuries, bequeathed to or purchased by the Library.

In 1911 the Library's Director Edoardo Alvisi charged the librarian  Antonio Boselli to reorganize the letter collections.  The criterion adopted was that of organizing the letters in alphabetical order under the name of the addressee (single person or family). Furthermore for each addressee the letters are then organized alphabetically by sender. ?????????? HO CAPITO BENE???

The letter collection contains the following boxes:

Carteggio I. Affò (1741-1797): cassette 1-24

Carteggio G. B. Bodoni (1740-1813): cassette 25-60

Carteggio di Margherita Dall'Aglio, vedova Bodoni (1758-1841): cassette 61-64

Carteggio P. M. Paciaudi (1710-1785): cassette 65-95

Carteggio card. A. Farnese (1520-1589): cassette 96-108

Carteggio G.B. De Rossi (1742-1831): cassette 109-123

Carteggio L. Bramieri (1757-1820): cassette 124-127

Carteggio Farnese (sec. XVI-XVIII): cassette 128-131

Carteggio Gonzaga (sec. XVI-XVII): cassette 132-134

Carteggio A. Mazza (1724-1797): cassette 135-140

Carteggio V. Siri (1608-1685): cassette 141-144

Carteggio Albergati-Capacelli (1728-1804): cassetta 145

Carteggio G. Fantuzzi (1718-1799). cassetta 146

Carteggio M. Girardi (1713-1797): cassetta 147

Carteggio T. Ravasini (1665-1715). cassetta 148

Carteggio famiglia Smeraldi (sec. XIV-XVII): cassetta 148

Carteggio A. Ronchini (1812-1890): cassetta 149

Carteggio frammentario (cassette 150-164)

Carteggio P. Zani (1748-1821): cassette 165-167

Carteggio A. Tommasini (1780-1839): cassette 168-170

Carteggio G. Tommasini (1768-1846): cassette 171-183

Carteggio R. Tonani (1759-1833): cassette 184-189

Carteggio Pezzana (1772-1862): cassette 190-235

Carteggio Sanvitale - Simonetta (sec. XIX): cassette 236-264

Carteggio C. Pigorini Beri (1845-1924): cassette 265-273

Carteggio in riordinamento (cassette 274-281)

Carteggio G. Galilei e allievi (cassetta 282)

Carteggio M.Leoni - G. De Castagnola (1776-1858): cassetta 283

Carteggio L. Testi (1857-1924): cassette 284-285

Carteggio e documenti L. Barbieri (1827-1899): cassette 286-287

Lucca letter collection

It was acqired by the Library together with the Palatine Collection coming from the Bourbon Lucca family in 1865. It is kept in 6 boxes and contains various autographs.


Michele Colombo (1747-1838) letter collection

It is bound in 14 volumes and is important for the literary observations contained in the letters.


Documentary collections

The Library also contains a number of documentary collections such as:

Fondo P. Casapini (1773-1842)

Fondo Moreau de Saint-Méry (1750-1819)

Carte Paciaudi, con documenti relativi ai suoi studi, ai suoi incarichi e all'Ordine di Malta

Carte Pezzana, che raccolgono documenti e gli autografi delle sue opere

Carte Perreau (1827-1911)

Carte provenienti dal Monastero di Sant'Ulderico e dal Monastero di San Giovanni

Carte della famiglia De Rossi

Carte L. Bramieri (1757-1820)

Manoscritti di Pietro Vitali (1759-1839)

Manoscritti Tommasini (1768-1846)

Carte Boselli (da riordinare) (1879-1955)

Carte Lina Gozzi (da riordinare)

Carte Luigi Barbieri (1827-1899)

Fondo Emilio Casa (1819-1904)

Carte Laudadeo Testi (1857-1924)

Carte cambio Giordani (Santorini, Girardi, Covolo, Mistrali, Pizzetti, Gasparotti et al.)

Carte G. Rasori (1766-1837)

Carte Italo Pizzi (1849-1920)

Carte Tommaso Gasparotti (1785-1847)