De Rossi collection

Particolare del Ms. Parm. 1870, c.105 r.  Salterio [Italia centrale], 1300 ca.

De Rossi Collection is the world's most important collection  of Jewish manuscripts and printed books coming from the Library of the Abbot Giovanni Bernardo De Rossi (1742-1831),  the Italian Christian Hebraist and bibliographer, who teached Eastern Languages at the University of Parma from 1769 to 1821.  His library of Jewish literature is composed of  1,432 manuscripts and 1,442 printed books (including some unique incunabula).  De Rossi's signature appears on the last leaf.

Besides the Bibles, the De Rossi Collection gathers many psalters, philosophical , law and Kabbalistic books, that testify the intellectual and spiritual riches of the Jewish groups dispersed.