The Palatine collection

Fondo palatino

In 1865 by wish of the Italian government the private library of the Bourbon Parma family entered the Library, forming the Palatine collection.

The latter consists of 1032 manuscripts (many of which illuminated), 349 incunabula and 30.000 volumes collected mostly by the librarian Pietro Pera in Lucca. Pera managed to enrich the once modest library belonging to Maria Luigia of Bourbon with the splendid collections previously owned by ?? Bertini, Lazzaro Papi and the Beccadelli papers, unique witnesses of the years of the Council of Trent.

The Palatine collection which was first made accessible to the public in 1837 was transferred to Parma 10 years later to mark the dynasty's return to Parma. Here it was united to the private library  belonging to Duke Ferdinand I which had remained in the Palace at Colorno after his death.

The volumes date back from the 16th to the mid 19th  century and their provenance is also extremely varied: Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands and Italy. There are also a number of Hungarian editions as well as an Armenian collection (2 manuscripts and 154 printed books).